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Steamforged Previews Smoke For Guild Ball

We've been seeing a lot of previews for the upcoming Season 4 of Guild Ball. But there's a lot of players in the game, and some Guilds haven't even had much of a look yet. For the Alchemists, that ends today. We get a look at one of their captains, Smoke. Now, usually, smoking isn't good for you. But in this instance, it's alright.

From the post:

So the Alchemists are a funny one. Back in the era of Midas at the start of S3, they were one of the most popular Guilds. We made some adjustments to Midas, and the number of people playing the Alchemists dropped quite a bit. Despite them still having a respectable win rate, their popularity started to decline. The playstyle which seemed to dominate was that of Smoke sitting back and drifting AOEs across the enemy team, before eventually launching Veteran Katalyst at the opposing team for a 4 VP takeout.

This defensive, super stand off playstyle was one we knew we really wanted to strip away from the game in general in Season 4, but also the Alchemists in particular. The Alchemists were always intended to play closer to how Midas teams played at the start of Season 3, aggressive and goalscorey, with the option for a couple of take outs if the opportunity arose. As well as, of course, having strong and thematic uses for conditions like burning and poison.