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Steamforged Previews Skatha For Season 4 of Guild Ball

Winter is coming... No, really, in just a couple months. Also, Season 4 of Guild Ball is coming. In this preview, we get a little bit of both. Skatha is one of the captains of the Hunter's Guild. She's gotten some tweaks in preparation for the new season. Let's check out what the ice queen has been up to and how she's been changed.

From the post:

The Hunters have something of a troubled history. When they were first released back at the start of Season 2, the Hunters were overly complex and among the weaker Guilds in the game. Back then, we were aggressively exploring the limits of our own rules system and discovering what areas we could push and which we couldn’t. To this end, the original Hunters are an example to us of where we explored a number of new things that didn’t go so well. This is still overall a benefit to us as developers, since at the very least we can use those data points to help guide future projects.

We corrected a number of the issues with the original Hunters models with an errata document last year. The Hunters have since stabilised themselves as one of our fan favourite Guilds. However, in Season 3 the Hunters were still feeling a few of the smaller echoes of their troubled past. The ‘Winter’s Moon’ expansion to the Hunter’s Guild, featuring Skatha, Snow, Veteran Hearne, and Ulfr, were largely designed along similar lines to the original Hunters, particularly from a power level perspective. So when we released our erratum for the original Hunters, those belonging to the Winter’s Moon were unfortunately largely left behind.

In a similar vein to what we saw with the Farmers, when we’ve made changes to Hunter models, we’ve primarily made them less complex to use in one way or another as well as paying particular attention to the power level of certain models. However, their overall playstyle has not been changed. This is where our changes to Skatha come into play.