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Steamforged Previews Shepherd's Guild For Guild Ball

Been a while since we've had some real Guild Ball news, but the game's still out there being worked on by Steamforged. Most Guilds have a Minor Guild associated with them, but there's still a few without. The Farmer's Guild is one, but that's going to be rectified soon. Steamforged has announced the Shepherd's Guild (they make amazing pies) and is giving us a little look into how they'll work.

From the post:

The Shepherds are the Minor Guild for the Farmers, which means they share the same basic rules. 

Like the Farmers, Shepherds are split into Reapers and Planters. Planters put out harvest markers and Reapers use them for a variety of powerful abilities. 

Shepherd playbooks start with 2 damage on column 1, have no damage buffs, and the Planters only have 3 damage on their very final playbook column. 

The Shepherds also have generally poor defensive stats and above average HP. 

So far, so Farmer. But then, what makes the Shepherd’s Guild different? 

Glad you asked because, otherwise, this would be a very short blog.