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Steamforged Previews Scalpel For Season 4 Guild Ball

Captains are some of the most powerful figures on a Guild Ball pitch. Just changing out your captain can change out how the whole squad plays. So, when a captain is getting an overhaul for Season 4, it's important to see how those changes happen. In this preview, we get a look at Scalpel for the Morticians.

From the post:

As we mentioned on last week’s blog one of the first things we did when we started the development of Season 4 was to take a look at the intended playstyle for every Guild as a whole, and then each model individually. This process helped us to identify not only which models needed to change, but also by how much and with what purpose in mind. These objectives were in addition to overall aims such as reducing complexity and tweaking game balance.

The Morticians are and always have been the ‘control’ Guild. Other Guilds have elements of control in their playstyle, but for the Morticians, it IS their playstyle. What this means is that the Morticians are specialists at giving themselves more options to approach a situation with than most Guilds, and also at controlling the number of options available to the opponent. To take a super simple example, Ghast’s Fear trait means that the first time he is attacked each turn, the attack costs 2 influence instead of 1. This instantly means that any enemy models that only have 1 influence just can’t attack Ghast, limiting the number of options available to those enemy models.