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Steamforged Previews Open World Exploration in Resident Evil 3

Steamforged's Resident Evil 3 Board Game is coming soon. You've seen some figure previews, but how about the game overall? Well, they're giving us a look inside that as well with a design diary article. Sherwin goes over a big change to the game from Resident Evil 2 that you'll want to read more about.

From the post:

What’s up, Survivors? Today we’re sharing the first Developer Diary for Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game (RE3tBG)!

That means we’re back with Lead Designer, Sherwin Matthews, to talk through the awesome gameplay and crucial design decisions that went into creating the game. 

As you might know, RE3tBG builds on the survival horror engine first debuted in Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game. 

To kick us off, Sherwin will be pulling back the curtain on the single biggest change to that survival horror engine that you’ll see in the new game—and it’s one that will transform your experience...