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Steamforged Previews New Fisherman's Guild Teams

Steamforged is looking to move their team production for Guild Ball from the metal teams they used to have to resin teams for the classic Guilds. The Fisherman's Guild will be the next one coming out. They'll be light blue. Steamforged has posted up a preview of what they'll look like (you might remember them from their failed Indiegogo campaign from several months back).

From the post:

The Fisherman’s Guild will be released in coloured resin on 28th June. Available via SFG Webstore and participating retailers.

The Fisherman’s Guild are one of the oldest Guilds in the Empire of the Free Cities. For the longest time they languished in the Minor Leagues but then, seemingly overnight, the Guild’s fortunes changed! Something to do with the nobility developing a taste for seafood and some shady deal with another guild. Now the crowds flock to see them play, and damn, can they play!