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Steamforged Previews Layne for Guild Ball

The Guild Ball teams are getting new rookies. After the draft that was held a while ago, Steamforged has been working on creating the stats for the new figures for their new teams. In this preview, we get a look at Layne, the new rookie for the Butcher's Guild. What new talents will he be bringing to the pitch?

From the post:

During the Free Cities Draft, Layne was a tortured soul. One of the most naturally gifted Guild Ball players that’s ever been seen, he was addicted to drugs, cutting him off from reaching his full potential, and sometimes leaving him entirely spaced out for days at a time. The Butcher’s Guild won Layne in the draft, in something of a surprise. Ox almost immediately took Layne under his wing, helping him to kick the habit and get clean. Ox is an extremely large man with an extremely threatening manner, which helps in one regard, but he’s also shown Layne a surprisingly supportive side, revealing another aspect of his personality. 

Layne is doing pretty well at staying sober. He still has cravings, but the sight of an angry beard shuts them down pretty much immediately.