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Steamforged Previews Hunter Upgrades in Devil May Cry

"Bridge may be chocolate." I know I've done the Demitri Martin bit before, but it's all I can think about when I see the title for that game.
Anyway, continuing on with their previews for the Devil May Cry board game they're working on, Steamforged is giving us a look at the Hunter Upgrades that you will be getting in the game.

From the post:

As we’ve discussed previously, one of the most important elements of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is building mind blowingly awesome attack combos to rack up the style points and leave your opponents kicking their heels in shame. As the game goes on, one of the best methods for a hunter to continue doing this is to unlock brand new moves and abilities by slaying enemies and upgrading.

How does this work? Well, you’ll remember us mentioning before that all enemies in the game drop a different combination of red and green orbs as shown on their reference card—let’s take a look at an example