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Steamforged Previews Granite for Guild Ball

Here we've got our next preview for Season 4 of Guild Ball, with a look at some models that are going to be getting a bit of a tweak and rebalance. The other previews were nice, but since I don't play Union or Engineers, they weren't all that exciting to me. I do, however, play the Masons. So showing off a new version of Granite is something that interests me. Let's take a look.

From the preview:

Granite was intended to serve as a midfield enforcer, tough to take out and disengage from. We still think this is a valid playstyle that gives her a strong identity within the Mason’s Guild, the problem previously was that Granite didn’t perform this job well enough to be selected over other models such as Brick. Additionally, the changes to Granite are quite different to those we’ve shown on both Snakeskin and Salvo. While neither of them had any statistical changes in favour of changes to their abilities, Granite does have a few changes to her stat line.