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Steamforged Previews Gaffer For Guild Ball

Another day, another preview of the rookies that will soon be making their way to Guild Ball pitches. This time around, we take a look at Gaffer, who is headed to the Mortician's Guild, and he looks like he's going to be taking up the spot left by Ghast after he exited, stage left, pursued by bear.

From the post:

So, first off, spoilers for background ahead! If you’ve been following the Guild Ball background releases over the last couple years, you’ll know that Ghast got, uh, a touch murderised back in the Season 2 background. His untimely demise was an unfortunate result of one of our developers (for the sake of privacy in this difficult time, let’s just use his initials: JP) letting our lead writer Sherwin know that Ghast was his favourite character. This is a rookie, fate tempting mistake up there alongside saying things like “Well I hope the weather stays nice for the barbeque at the weekend” or “At least things can’t get any worse” and Sherwin duly punished JP by brutally murdering Ghast by means of a Mortician-seeking bear. 

However in Guild Ball, as the title says, dead doesn’t mean dead, particularly in the Mortician’s Guild. Since being hurriedly shuffled off the mortal coil, Ghast’s been spending his days around his old haunts, just generally hanging around with his old mates. Now Gaffer has come to the Mortician’s Guild, Ghast has taken the opportunity to further press his way closer to the physical world once more by haunting Gaffer, constantly whispering in his ear. Gaffer might think he’s going mad, but we’re sure he’d be thoroughly relieved to find out he’s just being haunted by an unhappy spirit.