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Steamforged Previews Flea for the Brewer's Guild

*amazing bass riffs*

Wait, wrong Flea. This one isn't a musician/actor, they're a Guild Ball player, and we get a look at him in this preview. If you're looking to add to your Brewer's Guild team (they have sort of gone through a fluff-culling lately), you might want to check him out.

From the post:

Today, for no better reason than alphabetical Guild order, we’re gonna show you Flea! During the FCD campaign, it was revealed that Flea came from an old Farmer family, and indeed, he has quite an affinity with animals. He loves cats and dogs, and really any animal you can reasonably safely pet! In an interesting twist of fate, while Amber (a former Brewer) ended up with the Farmers, Flea ended up with the Brewers! Maybe we can all get along and be bestest friends and cooperative like good pals. 

Probably not though.