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Steamforged Previews Fissure and Mule for Miner's Guild

Here we get a look at the last couple figures for the Miner's Guild for Guild Ball, the minor guild for the Engineer's Guild.
Seriously: Guild, guild, guild, guild, guild... You type it and say it in your head so much that the word just starts to sound weird.

Anyway... it includes a tank. Because that seems legit for a fantasy sports game. It worked for Blood Bowl.

From the post:

Mule has a pretty average Miner statline. They’re quite tough, with those defensive stats, and the 4”/6” MOV is about average for a Miner, again with Secret Tunnel pushing them up to around a 8”/10” MOV, effectively. Secret Tunnel gets better the bigger base the model has, so Mule is actually really quite fast!

Well, look at that. Fissure has the slowest MOV stat we’ve seen yet in the Guild, largely because of how placement works. She has multiple placement effects on top of a massive base, so her movement needs to be a bit slower to compensate. She also has 3 ARM, naturally, since she’s driving a giant armoured plated monstrosity, and DEF 2+. Apart from that, her stats are relatively on par with what we’d expect for a Miner, including the KICK (if you’re wondering how she kicks the ball, the tank prolly has built in ball-launchers but don’t quote us on that. Or maybe she leans out the top and bicycle kicks it, who knows!).