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Steamforged Previews Falconer's Guild For Season 4 of Guild Ball

Even the newest Guilds are getting some makeovers when it comes to Season 4. The Falconers have only just hit tabletops in the last month or so, but they're getting some tweaks when the new changes wash through next month. In this post, we get  a look at some of those changes, centered around Ikaros and Veteran Hearne.

From the preview:

The Falconers haven’t been in the public for very long, so we haven’t had a huge amount of opportunity to collect data on them. So far, people seem to really enjoy their theme and playstyle. Positioning Harrier AOEs is a really fun little mini game that can be massively rewarding for a Falconer’s player if they get it right and Devana can have one of her more devastating activations. In terms of power level, as far as we can tell, they seem to be more or less fine.

Hunters players too seem to be really taking to the Falconers. Mataagi and Minnerva both offer really interesting additions to a Hunters line up. Through them, the Hunters have access to more punch when they need to break through more difficult enemy teams. So the questions begs, did we make any changes, and if so, why?

The answer being yes we did, but only to one player, Ikaros.