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Steamforged Previews Esters For Season 4 of Guild Ball

"It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings." is a rather old saying. In this preview from Steamforged for Season 4 of Guild Ball, we have a look at Esters from the Brewer's Guild. But I don't think this is the last preview we'll be getting before the new season hits shelves next month.

From the post:

We’ve seen a lot of talk about the Brewer’s Guild over the last year or so. They started 2018 commonly rated as one of the weaker teams in the game, then the arrival of Veteran Decimate shot them up in most people’s estimations. For those who were wondering, yes, we intentionally made Veteran Decimate powerful enough to increase the power level of the Brewer’s Guild overall and make things more interesting for the remainder of Season 3. Not everyone will agree with that decision, but we felt that to get the Brewers exactly where we wanted them needed quite a few changes to models. Rather than have a large scale errata six months before a new Season, we felt that releasing a model that we knew was slightly above the curve to bring the Guild up was the healthier option. The intention was always that Veteran Decimate would be a temporary fix to keep things ticking over until we got to Season 4, where we could take a look at the Brewer’s Guild as a whole and straighten a few things out.

When we analysed the Brewer’s Guild, we’re still happy with the playstyle that we’ve always wanted them to have. They’re among the most resilient Guilds in the game, with enough offensive power to be able to compete with the likes of the Butchers and the Blacksmiths in a straight fight. They’re also not particularly agile, but they have a couple of thematic ways to extend their threat ranges as well as the odd nippy model that can fire home an opportunistic goal or two.