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Steamforged Previews Encounters in Resident Evil: The Board Game

Steamforged has become the go-to company when it comes to creating tabletop versions of your favorite video games. Their next offering in the realm will be Resident Evil. In this preview of the upcoming game, we get a look at how exploring the board and encounters with enemies will work.

From the preview:

We’re creeping ever closer to the Resident Evil: The Board Game Kickstarter launch on October 26 and, with it, our first foray into the Spencer Mansion as an open world campaign.

But before we can set food inside that sinister place — the place where Umbrella’s horrific experiments first broke loose — we’d better prepare with some gameplay blogs.

We’ve already met Rebecca Chambers in Character Design and covered the gameplay basics in the How to Play blog.

Now, Sherwin Matthews, Lead Designer, is here to tell us about some of the brand new mechanics you can expect in Resident Evil: The Board Game — mechanics you won’t have experienced even if you’ve already played the Resident Evil 2 & 3 board games. 

Starting, of course, with exploration and encounters....