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Steamforged Previews Elder Geryon Knight For Devil May Cry

You thought the previous preview was hefty. The Elder Geryon Knight makes the other one seem tiny by comparison. If there's one thing you can expect from Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, it's apparently some really big figures. We get a look at how this big boy and his beefy horse work in the game.

From the post:

There are plenty of larger enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, such as the fearsome Empusa Queen, the ferocious Riot, and the sinister Proto Angelo, and each is an imposing threat which towers over the hunters facing them… but they’re all dwarfed by the sheer scale of the Elder Geryon Knight, a model so big it takes up seven hexes of space on the game board!

Once your jaw has returned from the floor, let’s take a look at the reference card.