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Steamforged Previews Edge for Guild Ball

Time for another preview of the upcoming rookies for Guild Ball. Each team is getting themselves a new player, and for the Hunter's Guild, that's The Edge... *reads notes* Wait, sorry, they are apparently not getting the guitarist from U2. This guy is just Edge. Sorry for the mix-up. Anyway, let's see what she brings to the table.

From the post:

We’re back with another look at a Free Cities Draft model, this time it’s Edge for the Hunter’s Guild. Edge was an oddity among the rookies. Fiercely independent, she nevertheless harboured a love for her comrades among the FCD. She also had a secret; her sister is Skatha, the Champion of the Moon Goddess. However the two have never seen particularly eye to eye, largely since Edge considers the whole Moon Goddess religion thing something of a pile of nonsense. She’s a free spirit, after all, adrift from the more theocratic elements of the Hunters. Nevertheless, I’m sure she’s settling in nicely…