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Steamforged Previews Ebb for Navigator's Guild

The last of the Navigator's Guild previews is here. The new Minor Guild for the Fisherman's Guild, and the first team to have stats based on the Season 4 balancing of the game's rules, there's a lot of excitement about seeing what this team is like, even if you're not planning on playing them. I am, in fact, planning on playing them. So, of course, I'm excited to see what they can do.

From the post:

It’s the final Navigator blog pals! It’s been a long road, but we’ve successfully navigated our way to the end of it now. Last week we showed off the mighty Gladiator Azimuth.

This week we’re looking an equally mysterious figure, Ebb, the Deepsworn! Ebb is an interesting character since many of his rules have interactions with the old gods of the Guild Ball setting. Or potentially they do. Like with many things in Guild Ball, we’ve kept anything to do with magic deliberately vague. Ebb MAY be blessed by the Lords of the Deep, hence his title Deepsworn. Or he may believe he’s blessed by the Lords of the Deep. Or maybe he doesn’t even believe in it but spends a lot of time telling everyone he’s blessed by the Lords of Deep. He’s certainly an attractive boy, but we realised after we got the art back that he looks like exactly like the kind of lad who hangs around bars showing off his tattoos and trying to impress women by telling them how he found religion when he was backpacking through Indar for six months. “Uh, like, you know, life’s just so much more meaningful there, but you wouldn’t understand.”

Buuuut he certainly exhibits some symptoms of an actual honest to goodness blessing. So who knows. There’s more in heaven and Guild Ball than is dreamed of in your philosophy, after all.

That somewhat rambly, god-based introduction aside, let’s get into the rules!