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Steamforged Previews Champ for Guild Ball

And we're at the end. The last of the new Rookies is up for preview over on the Steamforged Games site. So, if you're wanting to know what your newest Guild Ball player can do before you buy them, now's your time to do just that. Let's head over to the Mason's Guild and check out Champ.

From the post:

Hey there folks, it’s been an exciting week so far, since we’ve been showing off the last four Free Cities Draft Rookies, and we’re back with the last one today!

We’ve been building to this one all week, laying some solid foundations, and really getting ourselves level and planing the surface (sorry) [Giblin: NEVER apologise for puns]. It’s Champ, newly of the Mason’s Guild! Champ was the undisputed leader of the FCD rookies, a driven, determined woman with tactical nous and incredible ball skills. She’s a player who Honour could’ve been proud of, someone who’s as good at the game strategically as she is physically. 

The Masons, impressed by her phenomenal ability, snapped her up in the draft, and here’s her final version!