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Steamforged Previews Boiler For Guild Ball

It's just a couple more weeks until Steamforged releases Season 4 of Guild Ball. I know I've already got my new deck pre-ordered. And I definitely want to keep seeing previews. In this one, it's a player I've seen across the pitch a lot, as Ray loves to use him. It's Boiler, the kid on the Butcher's Guild. How's he changing in Season 4? Let's take a look.

From the post:

The Butcher’s Guild were commonly viewed as one of the weaker teams in the game for most of Season 3. Being a recommended ‘starter Guild’, they are very simple to pick up and play with, however this can also make them easier to counter. We knew quite early on that our objective for the Butcher’s Guild overall would be to maintain their simplicity whilst also raising their power level ever so slightly.

One big weakness of simpler direct damage teams like the Butcher’s Guild is often control. Quite simply, if the big scary Butcher with a huge stack of influence can never get into a position to spend all that influence on making attacks, then the Butchers won’t be to score VP particularly easily. From a design perspective, one of the ways to solve this is to add lots of extra abilities specifically designed to counter these kinds of problems. The reason we didn’t do this is because that method is a slippery slope to dramatically increasing model and team complexity.