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Steamforged Posts SteamCon US Reveals

SteamCon US was last weekend. I really wish I could've gone, but such is life. As usual for the show, Steamforged had a whole bunch of reveals for upcoming Guild Ball releases. They included an update about organized play kits, a look at Veteran Greede, and the new minor guild, the Miners.

From the website:

Last weekend we ran SteamCon US in Nashville Tennessee and had an absolute blast! 200 excited Guild Ball and Godtear fans (click here to see the Godtear Reveals) descended upon the Gaylord Opryland Convention Centre to soak up the atmosphere of SteamCon, play an enormous amount of games, and spend time with the Steamforged Games staff. Alex Botts was once again crowned as the US (East) Guild Ball Champion, so Alex will be travelling to SteamCon UK in just a few weeks’ time to play in the Guild Ball World Championship Finals! On the Saturday night everyone gathered around to see the SteamCon US Keynote, hosted by the Steamforged Games development team, where we showed off some of the shiny new toys coming your way next year.