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Steamforged Posts Rivet Wars: Reloaded Primer

Steamforged Games is reloading Rivet Wars in, appropriately enough, Rivet Wars: Reloaded. New players and old have a lot of questions about the game and Steamforged is here to help with a bit of a primer on what you need to know before the Kickstarter campaign gets going.

From the article:

“Listen up, troops! You may be fresh to the field, but the Rivet War’s been raging for years now. Let’s get you up to speed on the situation.”

General Patston

First things first: Operation Kickstarter for Rivet Wars: Reloaded Kickstarter is exploding into action on September 6!

Follow the page now for an express telegram when the campaign deploys.

Anyway, for those of you who are new to the wonderful world of this madcap Dieselpunk franchise…

Well, first of all, welcome! We think you’re gonna love it.

But there’s a lot to get your head around before we send you to the frontline, so listen carefully as we tell you Everything You Need to Know About Rivet Wars: Reloaded Before the Campaign Goes Live… Phew!

Let’s get into it.