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Steamforged Posts Guild Ball Errata and Rulebook Update

Games are continually evolving. As players get a chance to work through the rules and figures, there's always the potential to find something that's not working as intended, or is more powerful, or less powerful than the designers wanted. As such, updating things is a good way to go. Steamforged has just done that with Guild Ball and posted up the results.

Along with that, today's the official realease of the Miner's Guild as well as the four new captains that have been previewed.

From the post:

Hey everyone! We hope you’re enjoying all of the releases and new toys you’re getting to see today! Just before we get into the errata blog, we’d like to draw your attention to a small change to the Regional Cup Organised Play document today. As the Miner’s Guild have now been officially released, the Engineer’s Guild can no longer use Union models in Regional Cup organised play events.

In addition, from today, the Butcher’s Guild can no longer use Union models in Regional Cup organised play events either, even though the Cook’s Guild isn’t officially released until March 15th.  This decision has been made due to the release of Veteran Boar today. During playtesting we did not take Union choices into account when testing Veteran Boar. At the time we believed Cooks would be released before then, and we’re worried about a couple of potential interactions between Veteran Boar and Union models. As a result, we’ve made the decision, much like last year at SteamCon with the Fishermen, to remove the Butcher’s Guild access to Union choices a touch earlier.

This also means that the Butcher’s Guild may use their allied Cook’s Guild models (Roast and Cinnamon) in tournaments from today, providing the player has a legal model to use (such as Christmas Roast).