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Steamforged Posts Guild Ball Errata

They warned us that it was coming. Well, here it is. Steamforged's Guild Ball had been rocking along with Season 4 for a bit, but things weren't quite the way everyone wanted. So, the crew went back to the drawing board and has updated not just some players, but also some general rules to make everything work out much better. Check it out.

From the post:

Hey there everyone! We hope you’re all ready for this one, cause it’s a right doozy. This is the largest errata we’ve ever released for Guild Ball. It affects almost every Guild in the game, and it’s very in-depth. 

This errata, in addition to the cards listed below, features a change to the Regional Cup document, and global changes to Charmed, which we covered over the previous two days, here and here. Those links also cover the changes to the Cook’s Guild and Veteran Boar. We would strongly recommend you go back and read the previous two blog posts. They’re not that long, and they are quite important. That said, we’re not your parents, so do what you like.

Let’s get into it!