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Steamforged Games Reopens The Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace Late Pledges

Well, here's one we don't see too often. If you missed the Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace and the first Late Pledge time, but you're still interested in the game, Steamforged has opened up the Late Pledges once again so you can hop on in and still get all the special pricing and exclusives from the campaign. It's in very limited numbers, though, so don't wait.

From the article:

For just two weeks you have the chance to get a late pledge for Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace.

There’s a limited number of late pledges available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

By purchasing this pledge, you’ll get EVERYTHING from the Sparda Pledge, including all Kickstarter exclusives.

You’ll get:

  • Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace board game
  • The Walking Arsenal Expansion
  • The Alpha & The Omega Expansion
  • The Kickstarter exclusive Devil Trigger Expansion
  • PLUS the Kickstarter exclusive special edition character profile cards, and red & green gem orbs!

Once you’ve purchased this pledge, you’ll be invited to the pledge manager on or after the 9th July 2020. There, you’ll be able to pay for shipping.