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Steamforged Bringing Guild Ball to an End

It's often hard to see that a game is ending. Especially when it was one that you enjoyed. While it's been years since I last played a game, Guild Ball was one of my favorite minis games I've played over the years. I had been searching for more chances to play and then *gestures around vaguely*. Anyway, Steamforged has announced that the game's coming to an end.

From the article:

Over the following six years, Guild Ball continued to captivate players with its playbook system and resource management. It’s a game where skill truly outshines luck.

But as much as we’ve loved developing, living, and breathing Guild Ball across four seasons, 17 Guilds, and 250+ miniatures, the time has come to announce the end.

Rich Loxam, Mat Hart, Jamie Perkins, and Sherwin Matthews have shared more details and thoughts on what this means below. But, first, some practicalities.

Starting from September 1st, Steamforged Games will no longer sell any Guild Ball products. What's available now is end-of-line stock. Once it sells out, it won’t be resupplied.