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Steamforged Announces Resident Evil: The Board Game Kickstarter

Steamforged is looking to bring another video game adaptation to your tabletops. This time, they're headed to the world of Resident Evil. Resident Evil: The Board Game is slated to hit Kickstarter this autumn... which we're in now (assuming they mean the northern hemisphere, which I think is a safe bet). So, it could launch just about any time now.

From the announcement:

Raccoon Forest

“The S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team is flying around the forest zone, situated north-west of Raccoon City. We’re searching for our compatriots in the Bravo team, who disappeared in the middle of their mission…”

You’ve heard the rumours. You’ve seen the signs. You may even have received a mysterious note, many months ago.

And now, we are sickeningly excited to officially confirm:

Resident Evil: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter in Autumn, 2021.

Prepare for the ultimate cooperative survival horror experience for 1-4 players.