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Starfinder at PaizoCon Online

PaizoCon Online is happening this week. Every day, the company is featuring some more awesome previews and insight into their various product lines. This time around, they're taking a look at the far-flung reaches of space with Starfinder. Have yourselves a look.

From the post:

Each day during PaizoCon Online, we’re taking a look at upcoming products, revealing new art and details, and diving deep into the day’s focus with a livestreamed Marquee Event panel and Q&A session. Today’s Marquee Event panel focused on the upcoming Starfinder Starship Operations Manual and other future Starfinder releases. This blog is a recap of some of the reveals covered in that session. Don’t forget to check out the PaizoCon Online Stream Schedule to stay on top of the latest Paizo news in real time!

Though convention season looks very different in 2020 than in years past, we’re still ecstatic to have the opportunity to spend PaizoCon Online with all of our fans, geeking out together (from a safe distance) over what lies in store for our favorite game of space fantasy.