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Starfinder Critical Fumble Deck Available From Paizo

Rolling a 1 in a game is bad. You missed your attack, which could've been absolutely vital. But what if it was even worse than that? Paizo has their Starfinder Critical Fumble Deck where players can draw a card from the deck and see what sort of horrible things also happened to them when they slipped on that banana peel.

From the post:

spectacular failure can just be fun, right?

Here at Paizo we think so, and we know that can hold true whether you're watching a T-rexlike nyssholora miss so wildly with its phasic claws that it swipes itself in the face, or you're seeing a rogue vlaka technomancer's carefully selected spell turn into a completely random and catastrophically unexpected effect right before your eyes.

The Starfinder Critical Fumble Deck lets you impose these outrageous effects and far more when the result of an attack roll is a natural 1. The deck includes three variant rules for determining when an attack is a critical fumble, allowing Game Masters and players to decide how often they want these unfortunate effects to happen.

If you like lots of fumble effects in your game, use these cards each time a natural 1 is rolled and the attack misses the enemy's AC. If you want to impose fumbles sparingly, use the cards only when an attack roll is a natural 1, it misses the enemy's AC, and the attacker is not proficient with the weapon or is suffering from a condition that penalizes the attack roll.