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Star Trek Adventures: Iconic Villains PDF Now Available

Sure, there are many iconic heroes in the Star Trek universe. Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data, and many more. But there's also plenty of iconic villains that they came across. The Gorn. Q. Locutus. And, of course, KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! *shakes fist* (that's the one and only proper pronunciation of his name). You can get stats for those and more in the 15-page Iconic Villains supplement for Star Trek Adventures. It's available to download now.

From the website:

This 15-page PDF contains non-player character statistics for eight of the most iconic Star Trek villains the Galaxy has ever seen: the Original Series Gorn Captain, Khan Noonien Singh, General Chang, Q, Locutus, Lore, Gul Dukat, and the Borg Queen.