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Star Princess Candy Available From Ninja Division

It is May 4th after all. Star Wars Day. And if you're looking to add some Star Wars aesthetic to your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite, you'll want to head over and get yourself in on the pre-order for Star Princess Candy.

From the post:

Star Princess Candy is a Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature that can be used in your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite, pre-order her now!


  chief_l at May-4 20
From what I can gather, Soda Pop are desperately trying to get more money via these Masterclass minis to help with their disaster of a Kickstarter situation. But I don’t understand what makes them “masterclass”. Their previous individual models were MUCH cheaper, so what is the difference that makes them masterclass (other than they REALLY need the extra money)? Are they resin? SDE chibi minis benefit from not needing super fine the benefits to the consumer are basically nothing in that regard, if that is the justification for the higher price.
  drew at May-5 20
The big difference between PVC production and Resin production is the economy of scale. You can't really do small runs in PVC, but small runs in resin is perfect. Anyway, if they had enough money to pay for new PVC minis right now, I'm pretty sure they'd be putting it toward their Kickstarters. Their plastic minis are priced at about $15 individually, and these resin ones are priced at $20. That's high, but it is not crazy with other resin lines I purchase (Arena Rex, Guild of Harmony, Scale 75 etc). The Scale 75 chibis cost me $25 each, so $20 ones don't seem like a rip off to me. While these resins do not have the fine detail that makes Arena Rex only work in resin, they still benefit from less loss of detail than the PVC (sharper edges mostly). I notice the difference, but there will certainly be people who feel the difference is too subtle to be worth the price. You're right about Sodapop using the funds from these to try to pay for their Kickstarter disasters (I backed some of them, and recently got my pledge fulfilled for Way of the Fighter). They've made some progress, but they have a very long ways to go.