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Spring Cleaning Mystery Boxes Available From Privateer Press

Looking to up your bits collection considerably? Well, Privateer Press is here to help. They're cleaning out the warehouse and are giving you a chance to pick up a ton of minis for a little price. Only catch is you have no idea what you might be getting.

From the website:

It’s springtime, and we’re clearing the shelves in anticipation of some huge shipments arriving in August!

For a limited time, we’re offering WARMACHINE & HORDES Mystery Boxes—at least $200 value for only $59.99!

Mystery Boxes contain models, accessories, and other merchandise for WARMACHINE & HORDES. Plus, we’ve uncovered some obscure items and deep cuts in our warehouses that we’ll be throwing in at random!

At least 90% of each Mystery Box’s $200 value will be models from a single Faction. Purchase up to eight Mystery Boxes in a single order without any repetition of Factions!

*Available while supplies last.