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Spirits of Carter Mansion Social Deduction Game Back Up On Kickstarter

The dead that inhabit Carter Mansion are patient and persistent. If they don't get their victim the first time, they are more than happy to wait until the next one shows up. And that's what's going on, as Spirits of Carter Mansion is back up on Kickstarter now. Participate in this social deduction game of the dead looking to influence the living.

From the campaign:

Spirits of Carter Mansion is a Haunted House Social Deduction game where a child foolishly wanders into the haunted Carter estate, and the angry (or nice) spirits who are you, the players, argue over their fate in a bluffing, betrayal, social negotiation Haunted House microgame! 

What makes Spirits of Carter Mansion unique from other Social Deduction games:

  • No player elimination
  • No Day/Night phase
  • Choose your own alignment
  • Change your own alignment, or force others to change
  • No penalty for coming out as Evil
  • Possibility of full co-operative victory
  • 16 Unique gorgeously illustrated rooms

The campaign's around 1/3 funded with 19 days left to go.