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Spiral Isles RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Death, the final frontier. When your character dies in an RPG, it's time to roll up a new one, right? Maybe not so much. Spiral Isles, a new fantasy adventure for 5th edition and Swords and Wizardry, takes you to the underworld, where deceased characters can have a new chance at life. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Spiral Isles is an OSR pointcrawl adventure for both 5th edition and Swords and Wizardry. The adventure is designed to give dead characters a chance to return to life, or as the framework for a campaign into the underworld. The result of this crowdfunding effort will be a 50+ page, landscaped module, mostly black and white with select, thematic, colors. 

Death, the close of the final chapter. For most, a final destination was set in life; paradise or damnation- either, a proper course. But an unnatural force claimed you, pulling your spirit into an eerie, shadow realm. In the Spiral Isles your fate is placed back into your hands. 

One. Last. Time. 

The campaign is just over its funding goal with still 23 days to go.