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Spheres of Might and Power 5th Edition Conversions Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes, you've got a great setting that you want your group to play. But, it uses a different gaming system and some players can be resistant to learning a whole new set of rules. If you were a Spheres of Power or Spheres of Might player, this could pose an issue until now. Conversions for both of these over to D&D 5th edition are up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Classes, spells, powers, and skills are the tools we use to tell grand tabletop stories. Whether it's exploring strange new worlds or telling tales of gripping battles, these are the frameworks that we use to inhabit powerful wizards, hardened warriors, and battle to save - or destroy - the world that they inhabit.

Today we're bringing you two volumes - Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might - that greatly expand what's contained in that tool kit. Populated with entirely new sets of magical and martial powers, Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might will change the way you play magical and martial characters at your table forever! With years of development and experience behind it, the Spheres system is making the jump from Pathfinder to D&D 5th edition in a big way, and bringing tons of amazing options for character creation, world building, and storytelling along with it!

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 19 days left to go.