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Special Sale on The Captain is Dead over in AEG's Webshop

The captain is the head of the ship and its crew. What they say goes. They are a fearless leader who will see the ship through any sort of danger. But... what if the captain's... y'know... dead? Then, things get a little tougher. That's where you find yourself in The Captain is Dead. AEG is having a special sale on all the The Captain is Dead sets over in their webshop now.

From the announcement:

Two amazing The Captain is Dead adventures on sale for 25% off!  With FREE shipping in the US!

Join up with the crew and try to survive these two exciting adventures without a captain to lead you.  Use your unique skills to escape an alien prison camp in Lockdown, or explore a strange world and evade lethal bugs in Dangerous Planet!

This sale ends soon so don't miss it!