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Space Aces: Voyages In Infinite Space RPG Up On Kickstarter

Space is big. Really big. It could be the biggest thing in the universe, to be honest. And there's lots to do. Plenty of exploring to be had. And that's where you'll be going in Space Aces: Voyages in Infinite Space, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Space Aces: VOY is a family-friendly sci-fi sandbox setting book with over 160 pages of planets, locations, and adventures, along with a galactically sized modular hex map. 

This system neutral book is lovingly crafted for those who enjoy the likes of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Star Trek, and Red Dwarf. It is for anybody who has ever wanted to sail the stars and have their own heroic adventures in a happy, hopeful, and slightly zany galaxy. It is also an ambitiously enormous undertaking that has been years in the making!

What's Inside?

  •     EXPANSIVE & CUSTOMIZABLE GALAXY: 47 sectors on modular hex cards for creating your own one-of-a-kind galaxy.
  •     VISIT NEAT PLACES: Over 120 unique planets, anomalies, space stations & other locations to discover and explore.
  •     EXPLORE COOL STUFF: Each location features its own page of information, features of interest, hazards, encounters, dungeons to delve, beings to meet, rich illustrations, and more!
  •     MEET NEW PEEPS: Dozens of species to botch first contact with (Aristo-crab spice moguls, Space Otter salvagers, Beauro-Cat bounty hunters, oh my!).
  •     ADVENTURES IN SPAAaaace: Hundreds of randomly rolled deep space encounters to survive that ensure the journey is as much fun as the destination.
  •     MULTITUDENOUS MISSIONS: Tons of missions and quests to pull off so your crew can pay the bills and fend off the debt collectors.
  •     SPACE LOOT: Hundreds of pieces of weird gear, rare resources, starship upgrades that go "ding" when there's stuff, and more to find.
  •     A TOWEL GENERATOR: Because every space adventurer needs a towel.
  •     CHUCKLES GALORE: More inside jokes, nerdy references, bad puns, and heartfelt homages than you can shake a non-copyright-infringing light sword at.
  •     ADVENTURE AWAITS: An infinite amount of amazing adventures to be had on-the-fly with zero prep work!

The campaign's over 2x funded with 23 days left to go.