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Southlands RPG Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

Looking for some high adventure in your fantasy RPGs? Tired of the same old settings that you've been playing in for decades? Well, then look to the south, the Southlands, to be specific. It's a new 5th Edition D&D campaign setting that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Southlands feature high adventure in a self-contained and standalone campaign setting, with all the tools at your fingertips for a dozen adventures and even full campaigns! This updated 5E version includes new player options, an updated Worldbook with all-new chapters, and a fantastical city book to launch a memorable campaign—and a caravan's weight in short- and medium-length adventures. The Southlands setting is fully compatible with the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG.

Welcome friend! Come and adventure with us here.

The campaign's well up and over its funding goal with 31 days left to go.