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Solutions Board Game Up On Kickstarter

So, you might've heard that the world... it's in a bit of trouble as climate change takes hold. But what can you or I do about it? Well, you might not think that "play board games" is an option, but it is if that board game is Solutions, a new game all about trying to figure out what we're capable of. The new game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It’s a race against time to fight climate change. You and your friends must work together to reduce global emissions before it’s too late! As you strategically deploy climate solutions, you'll need to think critically and discuss with your teammates to avoid climate catastrophe. But watch out for dangerous feedback loops and global climate events! Will your team save our planet, or will you break the thermometer as global temperatures soar?

Solutions is an intense, non-traditional game based on discussion (like Cards Against Humanity but for climate change!) Designed for and tested with gamers, non-gamers, educators, climate experts, and even those who have no particular interest in climate.

The campaign's making its way to 2x funded with 22 days left to go.