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Smashing Helmets Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Yes, the people in the image are wearing strange, cardboard helmets. That's a major part of Smashing Helmets, a new card game up on Kickstarter. Step 1 in the game is to create your own, customized, cardboard helmets. Step 2 is to play the game where you'll try and destroy your opponent's before they destroy yours.

From the article:

A fast paced, fun and immersive card game, using recycled cardboard and custom tools to create spectacular helmets for an epic battle!

The fun and fast-paced table-top battle game for friends and family, where you start creative then get destructive.

Ready to actually tear strips out of your opponents and battle to be the last warrior standing or sitting?

Smashing Helmets is the unique table-top game for 2 to 6 players, where you race to be the first to get your armor ready for a fun fight in order to physically destroy your opponents armor, strip by strip.

Clear the dinner plates off the table. Remove that valuable centerpiece from the battleground. It’s time for a cunningly creative and delightfully destructive 30 to 45 minutes of cardboard carnage.

The campaign is up and running now with 38 days left to go.