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Skirmisher Publishing Running City Builder: Platinum Edition Kickstarter

When you're a GM, it's your job to come up with the world in which your players will adventure. You can go with a pre-generated world, but many want to create something entirely new for themselves. But getting everything down is rough, and it's still good to have guides on how to make everything work. That's where City Builder from Skirmisher Publishing comes in. It helps you build civilizations and settlements of pretty much any size for your game. The Platinum Edition of this useful tome is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

When we released City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities, a system-free manual that could be used in conjunction with virtually any roleplaying game or even as a writer’s guide or interesting read, it was immediately well-received by the tabletop gaming community. This universal resource and its collection of 70 places characters might visit in the course of their adventure went on, in fact, to become Skirmisher’s most successful title and a Platinum bestseller at the popular DriveThruRPG retail site. 

We designed City Builder as a resource that storytellers could use to create fun and believable communities, and interesting and compelling places within them, for their game settings. Altogether it contained guidelines for creating communities of all sorts and sizes and entries for dozens of different kinds of places characters might visit or spend time at, from taverns and inns to temples and guilds, organized into 10 thematic categories (i.e., Craftsman, Entertainment, Professional, Tradesman, Mercantile, Service, Scholarly, Religious, Governmental, and Underworld Places). 

As successful as City Builder became for us, it was still one of our earlier titles and eventually did not represent what we were capable of as a company in terms of writing, editing, layout, design, art, or access to technology. Our awareness that City Builder could be even greater was, in fact, our motivation for creating what we are now calling the Platinum Edition of the book and, in doing so, taking it to the next level and turning it into a publication that is representative of where we are today. 

The campaign's more than 3x its funding goal with 22 days left to go.