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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Viking Warriors Faction for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves

Skirmisher Publishing is expanding the factions available for the Ragnarok: Age of Wolves miniatures game. They've released the Viking Warriors faction, including six named characters and the faction's chieftan. There's multiple types of troops, as well as specialists like bards, scouts, woodsmen, and a war-priestess. You can pick up your copy now.

From the announcement:

“Viking Warriors” is a supplement for the Ragnarok: Age of Wolves miniatures game that includes 10 sets of statistics that can be used together as a complete new faction for the game or in conjunction with those for any other warriors and any sorts of scenarios. They include six named characters, among them those for a chieftain; five of his lieutenants, or thegns, including a rune-mage, a war-priestess, a bard, a woodsman, and a scout; and four different sorts of common warriors, or carls. It also includes backstories for the various characters and for their place in a Viking holding called the Hringsgard.

This book is supported by a set of downloadable “Viking Warriors Cardstock CharactersTM" miniatures that contains 10 different figures corresponding to the stats provided here, which can be used with Ragnarok: Age of Wolves or any other tabletop or roleplaying games. It includes a horizontally-flopped version of the entire group to facilitate additional variety. 

Ragnarok: Age of Wolves is a skirmish-level game for novice and experienced tabletop players alike that emulates desperate small-scale actions during the unending winter that is the first stage of the Viking Apocalypse.