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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Updated City Builder 4 Book

With the release of the Platinum Edition of their City Builder line, Skirmisher Publishing is going back through their previous releases and updating them, bringing them in line with how they want to do things from here on out. Their latest book to be updated is City Builder Volume 4: Guildhouses, Mages' Lodges & Other Professional Places. You can go pick up your updated version now.

From the post:

"Guildhouses, Mages' Lodges & Other Professional Places (City Builder Volume 4)" contains an introduction describing the scope of the series and how to use the material in this volume; entries on Guildhouses, Hospitals, Mages’ Lodges, and Training Halls; two or three Adventure Hooks tying in with each place; and an appendix on Guilds that includes tables for randomly generating their characteristics and regulations. It now also includes all-new illustrations and a cover image by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl. 

This publication is now in line with the standards for a new revised, updated, and expanded "Platinum Edition" of City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities for which we recently ran a highly-successful, 1,122% funded Kickstarter campaign. We are currently improving and re-illustrating this franchise incrementally and this is the first release related to that effort. 

With the Platinum Edition of City Builder we have created a dramatically improved version of the original book and the individual volumes that were consolidated into it and made them more user-friendly, enjoyable to read, and visually appealing in every way. We hope you will check out the first of them!