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Skirmisher Publishing Releases The Kobold Lair

Kobolds. Pretty much anyone that's played a fantasy RPG has run up against them at some point. I know a lot of people find them annoying, but I kinda love 'em, both as an enemy as a possible PC choice. But that's me. If you also love kobolds, you might want to check out The Kobold Lair, a new detailed encounter from Skirmisher Publishing that's available now.

From the release:

“Kobold Lair” is devoted to a detailed encounter area occupied by a tribe of Kobolds and a number of affiliated creatures and includes stats for all of them and a fully-keyed map that also covers the outdoor areas leading up to it. It is designed to present a challenge for a party of four or five 1st or 2nd level characters and can easily be expanded using included guidelines to be suitable for characters of up to 4th level. It can easily be dropped into virtually any setting and used as part of an ongoing campaign — especially as the starting adventure for one — as a one-off session, or in just about any other way.

This encounter area is also an expanded D&D 5th Edition version of the Kobold lair that appears in the classic Basic D&D adventure “Keep on the Borderlands.” It includes 5E stats for all of the creatures that appear in that scenario so that anyone who wants to play it with the existing maps and descriptions can easily do so. The custom map included with this book has both numbered areas corresponding to those in the classic module and five new ones that are optional and which contain additional creatures and challenges.