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Skirmisher Publishing Releases The Kitsune Race For D&D 4th Edition

I know. I know. Not a ton of people liked 4th edition D&D. Personally, I did. Some of my favorite characters I played were in 4th. I'm sure there are gaming groups out there still to this day playing 4th. If you are, or if you'd like to get a group together, Skirmisher Publishing has a new character race you can try out. They're the tricksy, shapeshifting Kitsune. You can download this new character race now.

From the website:

Kitsune are fox shapeshifters that are incorrigible tricksters and irrepressible troublemakers, the laughter of Heaven and the terror of the powerful. 

This publication contains a detailed character race and contains guidelines on playing a Kitsune through Heroic, Epic, and Paragon levels and includes a printable Kitsune miniature. It was written and illustrated by late great artist and game developer Alejandro Melchor.