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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Six Spells: Festivities

I'm playing a Bard in my current RPG campaign. I only have 1 purely offensive spell in the form of Thunderwave. Arguably, Hypnotic Pattern is also an offensive spell, but it doesn't actually do damage, just makes people stare at the pretty lights. Not entirely a pacifist, Lead does perfer his magic to be not-harm related. So I have a feeling he'd want to look through Six Spells: Festivities from Skirmisher Publishing. And you might want to, too.

From the website:

Many games focus solely on the combat aspects of magic, but in a fantasy world such powers can do almost anything. Spellcasters from more peaceful magical traditions might specialize in promoting health and the social good, often using the six spells described in this publication to enliven harvest festivals and other celebrations (but crafty players could, of course, use them in many situations).

"Six Spells: Festivities" is stat'ed for the "Basic version of the d20/OGL game system and can be used as-is or easily adapted for any RPGs using the same core rules.