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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Six Spells: Alchemists RPG Supplement

"More spells!" It's the cry of every magic-user out there. If there's an easy way to add more options for some player characters, it's giving magic users some more options for when they choose their spells. And that's where the Six Spells series from Skirmisher Publishing comes in. And they've released a new one for all you Alchemists in the audience.

From the website:

Alchemists are magical practitioners who specialize in transforming one sort of thing into another. While many fantasy games refer to characters of this sort, few actually put their abilities into game terms and, with that in mind, following are six spells to help those game masters and players who wish to create magic users with alchemical abilities. Some are very powerful but are also time-intensive and expensive. A couple may have significant impacts on setting designs as well. 

This title contains six spells formatted so as to be compatible with any games using the sorts of basic fantasy role-playing game rules developed starting in the 1970s. They can be used as-is with games like Goblinoid Games’ Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future and can be easily modified and expanded for use with successor systems like OGL or other games altogether.