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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Ray Guns & Ruins RPG Supplement

If you're looking to add some more zappy goodness or creepy ruined civilizations to your games (or both!), then Skirmisher Publishing has just the book for you. Ray Guns & Ruins gives you exactly what's in the title: new ways to create ray guns and add them to your games, plus rules for creating ruined civilizations and buildings of all type. You can get your copy now.

From the website:

This dual-themed sourcebook is devoted to both descriptions and statistics for ray guns of all sorts, military and civilian, and material that can be used to make wastelands and ruins themselves, and not just their inhabitants, significant and interesting. Items of the latter sort include spontaneously-generated technology that can be used as rewards or dangers, ideas on how to spice up ruins with mundane and superscience hazards, and guidelines on rooms that might be found anywhere in the wastes.

Material in this supplement is stat’ed for the “Basic” OGL/d20 system and can be used as-is with OSR games like the Labyrinth Lord retroclone of D&D or the Mutant Future retroclone of Gamma World and is compatible with and easily adapted to games derived from that system and any others a storyteller sees fit.