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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Mutant Race for Pathfinder

Genetics are strange. Your DNA gets bumped and suddenly you have tentacles growing out of you, slimy skin, and all sorts of weird mutations. If you're looking to play something a little different in your Pathfinder games, you can check out Skirmisher Publishing's new release. It's the Mutant and you can get your copy now.

From the website:

Crawling out from the wreckage of nuclear, biological, and chemical war zones, created in the laboratories of misguided geniuses, and spawning in realms contaminated by wild magic, mutants are both a race unto themselves and no race at all. Viewed with a mixture of contempt and pity by members of more clearly defined species, mutants are united in desperation by the abnormalities which separate them from other humanoids. As diverse — if not more so — in form and outlook as other humanoids, mutants display the best and worst characteristics evolution has to offer.

This supplement for the Pathfinder RPG can also be easily used with other OGL/2d0 games and contains a fully-detailed new character race. It was written and illustrated by game developer and artist William T. Thrasher.