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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Earth Pig Monster for 5th Edition

Earth Pig.

Earth Pig.

Does whatever an Earth Pig does.

Ok, maybe that doesn't flow quite as well as Spider Pig, but that's not what Skirmisher Publishing has released. They've released the Earth Pig, a new monster for 5th Edition.

From the release:

In honor of the lunar Chinese New Year, Skirmisher Publishing is proud to announce the release of the “Earth Pig: A Monster for 5th Edition”! 

Earth Pigs are elemental beasts that look like cute, chubby, hairless swine with large ears that move with a waddling gait and which might be gray, brown, or yellow in color and have hooves, teeth, and tusks of agate. They are especially valued for their ability to find valuable things, and are thus often kept as pets, animal companions, or guards by Earth-dwelling beings like Dao. They tend to be friendly toward creatures that do not appear to be dangerous or hostile, but will quickly turn on or flee from those that spook or harm them. 

Happy Chinese New Year! We very much hope you enjoy the Earth Pig.